January 02, 2011

New Year's and resolutions

R doesn't do resolutions. He is pretty much the kinda person who thinks if he wants to change something, why wait for a specific date to do so? Why not start at the time you decide you want to change.

That and he thinks he's perfect!

I understand his point, and generally think that if there is something big about your life or your self that you want to change you should just do it.  A specific date doesn't make it easier or better, it just gives you a start date.

But I also like the idea of a new year and a new outlook. Of a time to seriously reflect and see how you can grow as a person. So I make resolutions and hope to keep them.  In no particular order:

This year I resolve to have more will power. I resolve to be better at listening. I resolve to take care of myself, and not allow myself to get run down and worn out. I resolve to think positive thoughts. And I resolve to be nicer at home.

I phrase my resolutions like that because it's not just a " I want to do this" but more as a reminder that I am resolving to do this, even if it's not easy. I am making a promise to myself.

So wish me luck.

December 30, 2010

2010 out. 2011 in

I have to wonder what this new year will bring. 2010 was a year of lots of change for me, and as someone who doens't really handle change well, I think the fact that I am still here, alive and kicking shows how much I have grown since my youth.

I like to look back at what I've learned, or significant changes that have happened, and see how I have grown, or ways to handle things differently when this situation comes again.

I have learned that money isn't everything. Shocking, I know! But I moved to a job that paid more and all I got from it was tired, frustrated, and angry. I then moved to a job that paid less, but am way happier. I know it won't always be the case like this, but I do know that taking a job just for the money isn't a reason to take a job. If it's your dream job and you get more dinero from it, consider yourself very very lucky.  Otherwise, stick to doing what you love.

I learned that I can be super organized when I need to.

I learned that my "pessimistic view" can limit me in situations, but sadly I am also sometimes right about that view of things. I am going to try to be more optimistic, though I will be honest, after years of negative thinking, this might be the hardest resolution of all.

I have learned that planning a wedding is stressful, and I, the person who always wanted one, always wanted to get married is also a person who sees a lot of the extra's as being un-necessary. ANd I learned that at the end of it all, all I want is to be married to the man I love.

I learned that R is right about 95% of the time. I should just suck it up and listen to him, as I am sure that would end a lot of the arguments.

What has this year taught you? Are you making resolutions and changes?

December 28, 2010

White Christmas!

See, here's the secret about NC. We don't get snow unless you're in a place like Boone, or some times Asheville. In the Piedmont, hardly ever. And farther east-definitely not. So the idea that we would have 1-2" of snow in December in the Piedmont = skepticism from your truly.

However once the week of the prediction came about, they were really pretty sure it was coming and that it was going to be bigger than expected. I had plans to go to Asheville and visit my mom, so we could spend some Christmas together, and then meet up with the boy in Yadkinville and have Christmas there as well.

Asheville was great, we saw the Biltmore House in all its Christmas-y glory, had some delicious meals (go to 12 Bones if you are ever in Asheville) and good quality family time. Then packed up, and headed east.  Which should mean the threat of snow lessened.

Got to R's parents house around 4:30 and we had a lovely dinner and just hung out until R got there around 9.  The weather was still calling for a dusting - 2" and we went to bed with the thought that it would be a nice little snow on Christmas day.

We woke up and had breakfast and played a little Rook, waiting for the other parts of the family to arrive. Then around 10 the snow started! Little tiny flakes at first, then larger ones, then a lot more, but still wasn't sticking. Fast forward an hour and BAM! Snow was sticking to everything, coming down in huge fluffy flakes. This was definitely more than a dusting. And seeing as it snowed through to Sunday morning, we got more than 2" of snow. Final count by our very scientific ways (ruler in the ground) put the snow at 6" when it was all said and done.

So we had a white Christmas and I wonder if it will be another 21 years before I get to experience another one!

December 21, 2010

Wintertime and the wonders of the weather.

As per usual, I have been remiss in my blogging. But I have a good reason, I swear.

I'm lazy.

Ok, so maybe that's not really a good reason, but it is a reason, and it is true, so that has to count for something, right? 

The thing is, the cold weather makes me want to hibernate. I literally spend hours curled up on the couch wrapped in a blanket just staring at the TV. I want to get up, I do. I want to be productive and functional, but when the temperature drops below say, 72, I go into hibernation mode and it's 3 times as hard to get moving and shakin'.

Image borrowed from KarenWestthinksoutloud.blogspot.com. Don't know where she found it, but it perfectly sums up my feelings about cold weather.
 And this has been a colder winter than we are really used to in the Old North State. Normally its 50 degrees, maybe low 40s at night, and not brutally cold. But suddenly it's like we're on an Arctic tundra and fighting for our lives in a blizzard (read: 2 inches of snow) and everyone around me is much like myself: Unprepared for this type of weather.

So that's the main reason there have been no posts.  Other reasons include: work changes, shopping for Christmas, lack of focus, being supremely tired,partying and my dog ate my homework...oh wait, that's for a different topic!

November 27, 2010

Starship Troopers

R and I watched this last night, and I had never seen it before. It was good. I was surprised by how much I liked it actually.

Reminded me of Enders Game by Orsen Scott Card.

R said that too, and as he generally is right about things, I have to agree.

I think he doesn't say something unless he is pretty sure about it. I like that about him, though it is also infuriating that he is generally right. I should just learn to accept that 9 times out of 10 he will be right about whatever we are talking about.

Writers block

So for an aspiring blogger, writers block is kinda sucky.

Really sucky actually. I am trying to create a blog about my wedding (shameless plug here: www.bridevoyage.blogspot.com) and I am trying to come up with witty, funny, never been done before thoughts on a wedding, and I realize: There isn't really much about a multi-billion dollar indsutry that hasn't been done before.

So I just need to write on this one, and let this be my outlet for now, and hope the wedding writing will come when it does.

November 09, 2010

November 08, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

Always screws me up. As normal, we forgot to set our clocks back, and so I woke up at 7 AM (which was really 6 AM) and then at about 9 remembered it, so set the clocks back and was like, well should I go back to sleep? I decided no, and I cleaned the kitchen some, but then at 2  was so tired I had to take a nap, and then I couldn't get to sleep last night until 1 am and then it got light so early this morning I woke up at 6 again.


November 05, 2010

A festivus for the rest of us...

Ahh Fest. I had never in my entire life imagined I would attend something like you. And not only did I go once, I went a second time. The first time was early in the relationship with R and i had no idea what I was getting myself into, or what to expect. We were overwhelmed, poorly prepared and came home thrilled but exhausted.

This year we went prepared. Instead of me telling you about Fest,  you should go to www.thefestfl.com and that will answer any questions you have. And if it doesn't then google TheFest and that really should answer any questions. We go because R loves music and I love him and it is a good experience for both of us.

Any way, we went, and had a blast.Friday we got up at 5 am and drove to Gainesville, and made it there in time to see:
Empty Orchestra
Greenland is Melting (one of my favorite bands at fest. Seriously)
Dirty Tactics
Red Collar
The Riot Before
Michael Claytor and his friends (one of my other favorite bands at fest)
Suicide Machines

We made it home just around 2 and fell asleep. I woke up once to let the other members of our apartment inside the building, but was asleep again in two minutes flat.

Saturday we woke up and started our day a little later and R and some of his friends went to see Red City Radio, but the show was so crowded they didn't get in. I blame the long line and the Reggae Shack. That is where we had a delicious lunch, but I think not only did their menu come from Jamaica, but so did their sense of time. While they went to try to see RCR, I went in search of more comfortable shoes and some toiletries we had forgotten. I found some great shoes at Payless, and spend the rest of my time much happier.

After meeting back up with the boy I decided to do what I do best: take a nap. I don't know what he did, I just know I felt a million times better for the 2.5 hours I spent asleep. We then made our way to see:

Banner Pilot
Coffee Project (love them!!)
Laura Stevenson (a sleeper favorite at fest)
Dead to me
Nato Coals and the Blue Diamond Band
God Damn Doo Wop Band
Smoke or Fire
Me first and the Gimme Gimmes.

Sunday we played it cool and easy, watched the Miami Dolphins beat the Cincinatti Bengals, and then headed out to see
PS Elliot
The Menzingers (what an awesome show. SO cool)
Mix Tapes
Chris Wollard and
Frank Turner.


It was great fun, and a lot of really good music was seen. I suggest you look these bands up. You might be surprised at how much you like 'em!

Where have I been?

Short annswer: Busy.

Longer answer. Very busy. What with a new job, traveling on what seems like every weekend, and the days getting shorter, I find that I am almost always doing something, and when I am not doing soemthing, it's because I am asleep.

But fear not, I am back. Well, kinda. I'm not saying I won't blog here, (and let's face it, its not like I blogged with any semblance of regularity) but due to the impending wedding, I started another website just to talk about said wedding.

I hope that I will be able to keep all things wedding there, and the rest of my (sane) life here, so we'll see.

If you want to see how the wedding plans are going, visit http://www.bridevoyage.blogspot.com.  Voyage is like Bon Voyage.

and if you want to know how the Fest was, read on!